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Blast Furnace Burden Valve

 Blast Furnace Burden Valve

The baffle plates of blast furnace burden valve are of ball shape. Therefore, the valve is also named as ball shaped burden valve. It is composed of two ball shaped baffle plates who share the same center. These two baffle plates are installed on inner and outer layers of the valve.

Blast furnace burden valve is designed to block the materials in receiving hopper and prevent their free moving. With the valve, materials' transfer could be delivered according to the conveying system.

Blast furnace burden valve is driven by hydraulic cylinder, which could be full-open or full-closed. Besides that, a proximity sensor is installed to releasing the signals about valve's opening or closing.

Moreover, high-chromium heat-resistant matrix is installed on the valve disc, surfacing with corrosion-resistant alloys. Besides that, the valve's lining adopts wear-resistant high-chromium material.

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